3 Year Warranty on Most Repairs!

When asking someone what they find most enjoyable about driving, most might note their vehicle’s capacity for acceleration but an equally important part of that equation is how well you can stop your car, truck or SUV. Wear and tear on brakes can be detrimental to the safety of you and your passengers, not to mention the other drivers on the road. That is why if you need brake repair in Fern Park, FL then give us a call at Scott’s Auto Care and Maintenance. We are the leading experts in taking care of your braking system. Whether those needs are maintenance, replacement, or a simple inspection. Scott’s Auto Care and Maintenance is your best choice when it comes to keeping your vehicle and your passengers safe.

Opening our doors over 30 years ago as Cadillac Specialists we now bring the same expertise to brake repair services as Scott’s Auto Care and Maintenance. Brake repair in Fern Park, FL no longer needs to be hassle. No matter make, model, year, new or used, Scott’s Auto Care and Maintenance can take care of those brake issues. We pride ourselves on being able to perform brake repair and maintenance services both quickly and efficiently.

Brake Pads Fern Park, FL

Our friendly and knowledgeable technicians are prepared to take on any brake issues. There are several maintenance services that will allow us to inspect your brake pads. We can then suggest a time-frame in which you can expect to have another brake service performed.

Brake Fluid Flush Fern Park, FL

Although you might not think about your braking system often it is one of the most important safety features your vehicle has to offer. That is why it should be inspected at regular intervals, this includes your brake fluid. It can become contaminated and over time become acidic. This acidity can negatively impact the vulnerable components of your braking system. This preventative maintenance measure has the potential to save you from a costly brake repair or a hazardous brake failure.

Safety is not just your concern, it is our top priority as well. That is why we pride ourselves on performing auto repair and maintenance services that you can depend on. So when you have questions about your braking system, don’t hesitate to give us a call, drive on by our shop or conveniently schedule an appointment online.

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